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2GIS Dialer

Well-crafted dialer app that knows who called even if you don't.

Your new phone app

Unidentified numbers in the call log are replaced with company names.

Live caller ID

Know who's calling even if the number is not in your contacts list. The Dialer checks all incoming calls against the 2GIS database.

Local business contacts

Find companies using Dialer and call them right away. The entire 2GIS database is in Dialer and in your contacts list!

Speed dial reinvented

Just two taps to call your most frequent contacts. The Dialer analyzes your calling patterns and meetings in the calendar and suggests the right contacts for speed dial.


Look up contacts the way you like: using T9 or QWERTY.


Select colors and change them as you wish. A darker skin has a professional look and saves battery charge on AMOLED screens.
Your phone could work just as you always wanted!
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